What is Tour Boogie?

Tour Boogie is a super-easy-to-set-up website for tour guides and operators with booking and payments already built in. It's designed to be the easiest and fastest way to launch your tour business website so you can start taking direct bookings immediately. You can make your own website or have us build you one.

Who is Tour Boogie for?

Tour Boogie is for professional guides who want their own website, for casual part‑time guides who want to take their business to the next level, and for anyone who wants to turn their hobby into an income.

Is Tour Boogie a platform like Airbnb Experiences?

Tour Boogie is not a "platform" where you list your tours with thousands of other guides and operators. Tour Boogie is a way to create your own complete website with your own domain name so you can grow your business beyond the walls of a closed platform.

Is Tour Boogie similar to products like Squarespace, Wordpress, Shopify, Fareharbor, or Peek Pro?

Somewhat, but not quite. Some of those products are website builders then you add your booking. Some are booking or ecommerce, then you add a website. Tour Boogie is both a website and booking in one place, built specifically for tours. Every piece you need is already put together and ready for you. See our booking system pricing/feature comparison here.

How can Tour Boogie be so much easier than the bigger platforms?

Simple: one use-case vs many. Big website builders and ecommerce platforms are intended to be used by many different people in many industries in many different ways. But the downside of being everything to everyone is that it’s harder to be one thing for one person.

Tour Boogie is one thing built for one specific kind of client: the independent tour guide/small tour company. This means that a lot of the boring backend technical decisions can be made before you even walk in the door. You don't need to think about tech stacks or booking integration or anything like that. Setup is a breeze and you never have to wade through dozens of options or settings that don’t even apply to you.

Is it really that easy?

Yes! Setup should take you about an hour or two at most, and our staff is always available to help in case you get stuck.

Do Tour Boogie sites have good SEO?

Yes! All Tour Boogie sites are SEO-ready and easily findable from your favorite search engine.

What if I already have a website? Can I use Tour Boogie just for booking?

Yes! Tour Boogie is designed to be a complete website, but if you already have a website you love but it just doesn't have booking, you do NOT need to replace it - keep your existing website and make a Tour Boogie site to handle booking and payment processing.

Is tour boogie secure?

Yes! All payments through your Tour Boogie website are processed by Stripe, trusted by millions of companies worldwide. We never store credit card information on our servers.

Does Tour Boogie work in my country?

Yes! Tour Boogie is designed to work with many different currencies in up to 135 countries. We currently support USD, EUR, CAD, and GBP, and are always adding more, so if you don't see your currency listed during setup, just email us!

Is customer support available?

Yes! We're always available and we can help with the smallest questions all the way up to full website setup. And if there’s anything you need that you’re not finding in Tour Boogie, let us know. We’re adding features all the time so your idea/request could make it into production for everyone!

Who owns my data?

You own all of your data and can export it out of Tour Boogie any time. When a customer purchases a tour on your website, a profile is made for them in your dashboard. You can keep track of this customer over time; you can see which tours they buy and how much they spend. You can export your customer data to your favorite mailing list or external CRM with no limitations.

Do my customers pay Tour Boogie or do they pay me? Who is listed on their receipts?

Tour Boogie just provides the software. We don't get in the middle of your relationship with your clients. Your customers pay you directly and your business name will be listed on their receipt.

What if Tour Boogie doesn’t have everything I need?

Tour Boogie is constantly growing and its feature list grows with it nearly every single week. New features and capabilities are added as we work with more people and gain a greater understanding of exactly what our clients need to be successful. If you find there’s something missing in Tour Boogie, let us know!